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5 Organizational Paradigms that Beg to be Transformed so Inclusion can Thrive

November 5, 2015

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New company, Racial Equitecture, undertakes systemic racism

April 20, 2015

Oakland, CA


Racial Equitecture uses social science to help organizations understand how inequality gets produced in-house, in plain sight.  Racial Equitecture offers people and organizations, who are willing to take a look in the mirror, an in-depth intersectional analysis of the invisible structures, systems, routines, and interactions that reproduce inequality. Racial Equitecture also offers capacity building, experiential trainings, and coaching to professionals seeking to learn how to navigate racial events in ways that safeguard mind-body-spirit balance and productivity.


"On this day 162 years ago, Harriet Tubman began her work on the Underground Railroad," said Dr. Myosha McAfee, Racial Equitecture's Founder and CEO. "We are humbled by her courage and hope to garner similar impact on the inequalities facing the 21st century."


Racial Equitecture works with any organization that is equity-mission-driven or has a commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Racial and other social disparities persist in our nation's education, varied workforce, healthcare, criminal justice, and housing systems, despite policy changes, espoused egalitarian values, diversity trainings, inclusion programs, and recurrent calls to action.  Racial Equitecture departs from these prevailing approaches. It compels organizations to learn how their own ordinary, good-intentioned practices might be engendering social disparities, and then, helps them embark upon the journey required for change.


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