Company-wide equity strategy powered by science and real-time organizational behavior

Demystify how inequity keeps happening

Receive findings that uncover how seemingly benign practices, policies, and (inter)actions unwittingly create exclusion and diversity-deterring racial climates. Clients gain insight from 360-degrees feedback loops, uncovering implicit biases and blind spots that affect the organization's bottom line, culture, and brand integrity. 



Results you can trust

Receive reliable and valid empirical findings.  Racial + Equitecture analyses consider varying points of view and positionality. You'll receive 360-degree feedback, to and from, people at every level in the organization: leaders, subordinates, peers, and other stakeholders.


See what is not readily observable to untrained eyes

Racial + Equitecture analyses make the invisible, visible. Since inequitable outcomes are often unintended, subtle, and embedded in the way organizations work, we use empirical methods to uncover what often goes unseen.

System-wide, actionable insights

Insights inform:


  1. systemic changes that better integrate diverse intellect and talent that may have been marginalized.

  2. strategies to equalize performance management systems including promotion, compensation, and  evaluation practices.

  3. roads to building an inclusive organizational culture & healthy racial climate.

  4. improves organization's capacity to attract, recruit, and retain diverse talent.

  5. hierarchical, lateral, and functional organizational structure

  6. informs the strategic fit between diversity, equity, and inclusion values vs. internal operations, strategy, and intended community impact.

  7. team structure, composition, & design.

  8. hiring


"I really cannot name anything that wasn't useful about the racial status quo map. I genuinely feel like it gave such timely, analytical information about how our team has operated."

—  A.W.

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