Guiding Principles


Four principles guide the work of Racial+ Equitecture.  With Racial+ Equitecture, clients can expect to be asked to pursue justice differently.  We welcome you to so•journ.


We reframe how organizations understand and undertake their equity mission through curiosity.  We ask questions.  We use empirical research, analytic rigor, and disciplined thought to test what has always been done a certain way.  The ordinary is strange.  That which is atypical is made familiar.  Here, one challenges one’s own preconceived ideas, underlying assumptions, and taken-for-granted dispositions.


To confront racial+ disparities is to often rouse ambivalent emotions – both attraction and aversion.  Therefore, we value growth experiences, which incite fear and fascination, overwhelm and inspiration.  Rather than the “banking model” for educating, we design intensive courses and coaching that use brilliant thinking to inspire breakthroughs, transcend tensions, and cultivate response-ability. With Racial+ Equitecture, one takes equity seriously, approaches learning determinedly, and pursues transformation sincerely.


Shifting from well-intentioned people just doing their jobs to racial equitects is a journey.  Hence, we value the journey of changing one’s actions and way of life (metanoia).  This means enduring productive discomfort and negative capability[1] (capable of sitting through uncertainty, doubt, and ambiguity).  Racial+ equitects approach the unrelenting with rigor, the unattainable with courage, and the unrealistic with possibility.  We fall down and get back up, (dis)agree, partner with oppositional stances, and complicate simplistic thinking.  We innovate, imagining alternatives to what appears ubiquitous, entrenched, and unrelenting.




[1] John Keats


Alchemy is required to dismantle systems that engender racial disparities.  Consequently, we value processes of transformation and creation.  Alchemy represents a shift in actions since the beginning of our partnership. We grapple with one’s sense of purpose, one’s sense of what is at stake, and the unintended consequences of one’s silence, stances, and recommendations for the future.  We are attentive to whether one’s contribution compels or encumbers progress.​


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