Since the nation’s inception, equity is an idea I am not convinced we In the USA, and perhaps the world, have ever been able to realize. The country’s journey toward equity has deeply shaped me. So much so, I have dedicated the last 18 years to relieving the intractable pain of inequity by creating and testing different models in four fields (tech, education, social policy, and non-profit organizations).


I catalyze those who are moved by the love of freedom, offer a balm to those crushed by the pain of injustice, and cultivate a pedagogy of courage for those willing to stand face-to-face with disparity’s tenacity. 

Education Background

Doctorate of  Education (Harvard University)

Masters of  Education Policy and Management (Harvard University)

Bachelors of Social Work (University of Texas, Austin)

Bachelors of Psychology (University of Texas, Austin)


  • Measurable decreases in any gaps, focus areas include: promotion, retention, leveling, performance ratings, and experiences of the organizational culture.

  • Proven shifts in organizational strategy, mindset, culture, and outcomes.

  • Very high net promoter scores.

Reach and Scale


18,000 individual employees and experience steering company-wide efforts.

Expertise on Race and its Intersections


Myosha's expertise includes dimensions of race that draw on four disciplinary lenses (sociology, anthropology, comparative literature, and social psychology), and four schools of thought (structuralism, symbolic interactionism, microethnography, and phenomenology). Expertise in these dimensions of race permits a unique intellectual range that can advance the strategic efforts of equity-mission-driven organizations and individuals.

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