The Racial+ Equitecture Crucible Experience is about building the leadership, skills, and fortitude necessary to transform an organization grappling with with equity, inclusion, and diversity (EID) challenges.



Proven benefits:

  • decrease in anti-equity beliefs that impede progress on equitable goals.


  • stronger muscle and dexterity to recover when inevitable mistakes across lines of difference occur. 


  • higher confidence in navigating intra- and cross-racial interactions at work.

  • coaching of new skills with high support and high challenge.

Listen to a podcast from previous participants.

Racial Equitecture Participants - Racial Equitecture Participants
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"Dr. McAfee has developed a game-changing approach and methodology to do the essential work of our time. Systemic, institutionalized racism is found at every turn in our culture, our stories, our organizations and each and every interaction. Unveiling, investigating and dismantling its roots and manifestations require critical reassessment, skillful work and courageous action. Dr. McAfee’s 5-week Racial Equitecture course provided a format to immediately dive deep, face discomfort, surface biases and turn up the heat on personal and institutional issues that are nearly universally ignored. I have never participated in a professional workshop that provided such individualized feedback, invited such deep personal reflection and so quickly rocked my boat - in the most effective of ways. As a consultant for social and environmental justice initiatives, I would recommend Dr. McAfee’s courses and consulting to any organization or individual that is finally willing to wake up and do the critical work of surfacing and engaging race+ power dynamics. Dr. McAfee is leading the way - work with her as soon as you can."

-G.D. Social entreprenuer

—  C.L., Senior Diversity Internal Consultant

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